Free Guide To Finding Makeup Without Toxic Chemicals

Non-toxic makeup can be easily accessible once you know what to stay away from. Especially if you’ve never known you had harmful chemicals in the makeup you’re so used to wearing. Knowing what’s in your makeup is incredibly important since everything you put on your skin gets directly absorbed into your blood stream. In this post I’ll cover just how unsafe makeup can be and great alternatives to what you’re using!

Toups and co makeup

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Why Makeup without toxic chemicals?

If the heading isn’t obvious enough, thousands of makeup companies pour harsh chemicals into their products. This is the sad truth not a lot of women know about. Just changing to natural cosmetics can help to alleviate some of the strange hormonal symptoms women face nearly everyday. Not to mention the amount of heavy metals that are added to makeup. Just eliminating the heavy metals, can be super helpful for your entire body especially your lymphatic system.

Chemicals found in makeup have the ability to disrupt hormones since they contain many hormone disrupting ingredients. If you know anything about women and their hormones, you know it can be tricky. Now more than ever we are seeing a rise in PCOS, thyroid dysfunction, hashimottos and many autoimmune diseases. There are, in fact, studies that show the effect chemicals in makeup have on human health here. Not to blame makeup for hormonal imbalances since it’s linked to other root causes, but to be aware that it contributes to it. In short, makeup with chemicals are not helping women’s hormones nor is it helping with the increased rates of autoimmune issues.

Toups and co makeup

Why is Makeup With Toxic Chemicals Allowed?

This is the million dollar question I have as well. When you do a little digging, you will easily find that almost all other countries ban Ingredients in makeup that aren’t safe, except the US. In fact; the FDA’s website warns us of the many harmful ingredients that are hidden in makeup. The FDA does not regulate the beauty industry like they should. The word “fragrance” is considered a trade secret meaning they can hide any ingredient behind the word fragrance with no explanation. You can read more about that here on the FDA’s website. 

Could it be for money or maybe lack of knowledge that they’re adding these ingredients in? No telling, I pray they aren’t knowingly doing this to people. Whatever their reasoning may be, there are better products out there that don’t contain toxic ingredients or hidden substances like synthetic dyes. Natural beauty works just as well, and in my opinion better! 

What are Some of The Ingredients to Stay Away From?

  • Synthetic fragrances (parfume, phthalates, DEP, DEHP, and DBP
  • Phosphates: sodium tripolyphosphate
  • Formaldehyde: para formaldehyde 
  • Petroleum Jelly: mineral oil, white petroleum soft paraffin, paraffin oil, white mineral oil, liquid paraffin 
  • Parabens: Propylbaraben Butylparaben Isobutylpaeaben, methylparaben, polyparaben 
  • Carbon Black: D&C black no 2. Acetylene black, channel black, furnace black, lamp black, thermal black
  • Bismuth oxychloride
  • Mercury: mercuruous chloride, calomel, mercuric, mercurio 
  • M- and – O phenylenediamine: PPD, 1,3 diaminobenzene 
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Which Clean Beauty Brand is The Best?

The good news is, there are some great clean beauty products out there. I’ve tried several clean makeup brands and will honestly say Toups and Co Organics by far has the best products that are the highest quality. I love the fact that I’m supporting a family owned business here in the US. Anytime I can, I love to support small businesses like this one especially because they make natural products in small batches. They truly are who they say they are! These guys formulate their products with the customer in mind and source their non-toxic ingredients from reliable farms who have sustainable practices with low environmental impact. They perform no animal testing and genuinely have honest beauty products.

Toups and Co has clean natural makeup, skincare, body products and baby products that I have all tried and had great success with. There has not been one product from here that I haven’t liked. If I had to choose a favorite makeup product I would say their Liquid Foundation and Mineral Makeup are both great! I love a good foundation that adds coverage but isn’t too drying. Both of those aren’t drying and add the coverage I love.  I also love their natural lipsticks in the “Blushing Bride” shade, it’s a beautiful mauve color and is perfect for fall and winter.

They also have grass fed tallow balm that’s incredible for eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin. This was the only moisturizer my skin could handle when I was healing from eczema and sensitive skin. This really is my favorite as you can tell! They did offer a 10% discount for my readers, so if you click my link here and use the code FAMILY10 you’ll get 10% off your order. They also offer free shipping on orders over $100.

How Can I Know if What I’m Buying is Really Clean?

If you stumble across a brand who claims to have clean cosmetics, always check the ingredient list on every product. A lot of companies will simply say “ natural ingredients ” for marketing. I also like to find organic ingredients and gluten free products for my skin and makeup routine. Most of the products will contain things like essential oils, castor oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, herbs, botanicals, mica, non-nano zinc oxide, non-nano titanium dioxide and the list goes on. If any of the ingredients I have mentioned on the ingredients to stay away from section, are in a product, run far away.

Another great resource is EWG skin deep data base and the think dirty app. You can type any ingredient or product in ewg and it will give you a safety rating. The think dirty app also works in a similar way, I just find it isn’t as easy to use as ewg skin deep database.

toups and co makeup

Thankfully there are some easy ways to figure out whether or not a product is safe! I hope this post was eye-opening and shed some light on the beauty industry. I know it’s not always fun to learn about products we use daily and realize they are not actually safe. But, it is always great knowing there are safer alternatives out there.

I hope this has helped you and will keep you from a lot of hard work that has taken me a long time to figure it out. Have you made the switch to natural makeup brands and organic products? What are some safe products you love? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. This is so helpful! When I learned about the toxicity of make-up I became overwhelmed and just stopped using it, but I keep wanting to find a safe alternative. Thanks for helping me with that!

  2. It’s amazing how many things they allow to be put into our skin care and food products, isn’t it? So sad and frustrating. I have gotten my skin care products from Lemon Grass Spa and really like it. I’ll have to check out Toups and Co Organics sometime soon as well. Thanks for the great post! Keep it up!

    1. It really is so crazy how they add things in for no apparent reason. Thank the Lord there are clean brands out there, so thankful for that. I hope you enjoy them if you choose to check them out 🙂

  3. I have been hearing such wonderful things about Toups & Co! Though I don’t wear a ton of makeup products myself, I want the ones I use daily to be quality. I appreciate the list of toxic ingredients. So helpful to know what to look for.

  4. Make up is probably my very last area to move to totally clean! I never feel ready to make the jump! I use true botanicals skincare and I feel pretty good about that… but I only use “half crunchy” make up! Haha! I should give Toups and Co a shot.

    1. Honestly I was surprised, a lot of people have a hard time switching their makeup to non-toxic brands. I think once you do, you will be so happy you did because they truly work better in my opinion! I hope you enjoy if you do give them a shot 🙂

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