E/L Farms Lydia’s Light

Sire: Sanndy C Ranch Baylor

Dam: Rosies Critters Anna

Lydia is our loudest goat. She is a great mom and is our youngest breeding doe. She has a well attached udder and we are happy with her so far. She is an F5 mini nubian.

Fun Fact: She likes to itch herself on the ground like a dog

Her Strong Points: Great roman nose, great attachments and teat placement

We want to improve: Top Line, Back angulation, More pendulous ears.

Screaming Goat Farm Stormy

Sire: FCH Soaring Heart’s King Of Pop

Dam: Screaming Goat Farm ‘Katie’

Stormy, just like Big Sister will stand next to us to be pet. She is our highest producing mini Nubian, freshening with 1 GALLON of colostrum. She is an F5 mini Nubian. She has a calmness like no other goat. She is very loving and nurturing, even to other babies.

Fun Fact: Stormy likes to stick her tongue out!

Her Strong Points: Milk Production, Nubian features, Soft Udder

We want to improve: Udder attachments, back angulation, top line, Ear length.