The Best Natural Method for Birth Control 

If you are more naturally minded like my family and I, you’ve probably wondered about birth control. We’ve been told that taking birth control pills are the best and easiest way. Thankfully there are a few ways that we can stay away from the pill and take a more natural approach. It’s much easier than you’d think too!

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These statements do not have FDA approval. Please consult your healthcare provider to see which form of birth control is best for you.

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When I was in my teen years, I was put on a birth control shot to help regulate my menstrual cycle. Little did I know that shot had lasting effects on my body years after I stopped taking it. What’s crazy is I never had a period while on that shot. I was on it for about 4 years, so that’s 4 years of my body not menstruating like it was naturally supposed to. Looking back, I know my mom was trying to do what was best for me and she didn’t realize at the time how bad it was. We were just told that would be the best option by our healthcare provider so we trusted that opinion. I decided to take myself off of it before I met my husband and thank the Lord I did.

My body went through a stage of detox and it took a while for my body to get back to “normal”. Finally I started my period, after 4 years with no period. I had never been happier to have a period again! Thank God I was able to get pregnant shortly after getting married. Had I waited any longer to get off the shot, I don’t think my body would have been ready to get pregnant so quickly. I was off of the shot for about 2 years before getting pregnant. I think giving my body a rest from it along with changing my lifestyle/diet helped me to heal my hormones before conception.

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Why Not The Pill?

There are more than 1 type of birth control options doctors recommend these days. Oral contraceptives, a patch, copper iud, shots, vaginal ring, etc. Like I mentioned above, I was on a birth control shot for a few years and it really wrecked havoc on my body. Not long after being on the shot I was told I had an autoimmune disorder. Not to say the birth control shot was the only thing that contributed to my health issues, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my health declined after. This article shares great information how birth control is linked to risk of cancer, thyroid dysfunction, microbiome disruption, and nutrient depletion. While the pill may relieve symptoms of heavy cycles or irregular cycles, it can lead to other life long health issues. Birth control does not get to the root cause of hormonal problems which can be addressed with a natural minded practitioner.

There are actually studies linked to the negative effects of hormonal birth control options. I’ve read so many horror stories of the side effects woman face such as blood clots, migraines, weight gain, hard time conceiving after getting off and irregular menstrual cycles upon getting off. I knew after reading a few stories and doing research, my reproductive health was at risk from the shot I was on. Thank the Lord, I had guidance from a practitioner at the time and was able to get regular cycles again.

This is not to bash anyone on the hormonal birth control but to make people aware of the risks that you may not be told. Here is a statement from the national cancer institute in regards to birth control and cancer. “Naturally occurring estrogen and progesterone stimulate the development and growth of some cancers (e.g., cancers that express receptors for these hormones, such as breast cancer). Because birth control pills contain synthetic versions of these female hormones, they could potentially also increase cancer risk.”

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How To Switch To Natural Birth Control 

If you are on oral contraceptives but want to try natural methods instead, I would encourage you to find a practitioner to help. A practitioner who is natural minded that has an idea of how hormones truly work. Someone who will take a whole body approach and help you to get off safely and balance your hormones naturally. Many woman can face a period of detox when they come off of the pill and it can throw hormones all over the place.

Natural Birth Control Methods

There are so many different types of birth control methods that I’m sure I will not cover today. I wanted to share the natural forms of birth control I’ve learned about and have seen to work for myself as well as other couples! The information listed below are all fertility awareness-based methods.

Natural Family Planning Method

These are all some sort of NFP methods. There are so many methods that can be used when choosing NFP. The 3 main classifications of natural family planning methods are as follows: the periodic abstinence, use of breastfeeding or lactational amenorrhea method, and coitus interruptus (withdrawal method or pull-out method). Many people use NFP methods by tracking ovulation in order to prevent pregnancy. There are many ways to do this such as tracking days of menstrual cycle using the calendar rhythm method. Cervical mucus monitoring as I mentioned below. Basal body temperature, also mentioned below. This article further explains natural family planning.

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Standard Days Method

This method falls under the natural family planning based on fertility awareness. It’s suggested that you avoid unprotected sex on days 8-19 of the menstrual cycle. I personally would not rely on this alone because every woman’s cycle is so unique. I would say if you use this method you should also us the fertility tracker device mentioned below or the cervical mucus tracking method.

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My Pearly- Lady Comp with the red light

Fertility Tracking Device

This is what I personally use and love it! It’s my favorite method of birth control. Pictured above is the pearly. I use the Lady Comp and have been for the past 3 1/2 years. I have the pearly which is an older version. It goes off of your basal body temperature and instead of you having to track your temperature yourself, it tracks it for you! How neat! It goes off of the fertility tracker method. I wake up every morning, take my temperature, and the lady comp will give me either a green, red, or yellow light. The green light lets me know it is safe to have unprotected sex without getting pregnant. The yellow light means caution, meaning the device is still learning your cycle or your cycle is fluctuating. (I would not trust the yellow light if you don’t want to get pregnant. My second child was conceived by the yellow light. Which I am so thankful for!). The red light lets you know when you are most fertile and time of ovulation. So if you want to get pregnant you will want to engage in sexual activity with your husband anytime you have the red light (I’m sure her won’t mind)!

The lady comp can also detect pregnancy by giving you a blue screen. It has also been 510k cleared by the FDA Pretty neat! You can find the Lady Comp here! They are also giving my readers $20 off of a lady comp.

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Cervical Mucus Method

I personally will use this along with the lady comp. They are both a great natural birth control method. Not that it is necessary to do both but I like to know my cycle. In different stages of your cycle you will notice the cervical mucus to be thicker than other times. Usually when the mucus is stretchy, clear, egg white consistency, you are either close to ovulation or may be ovulating. Whereas when you are finished your menstrual period, you will notice you won’t have much mucus at all. This article describes how to track your cervical mucus!

Barrier Birth Control Methods

This method is just as it is called in that a barrier is there to prevent pregnancy such as a external condom, internal condom, and contraceptive sponge .They physically block or otherwise prevent sperm from entering the uterus and reaching the egg for fertilization. These can be used along with the NFP methods for the days you are fertile are just aren’t quite sure. I would like to say use caution with condoms because there are a lot of toxic ingredients found in them. There are several clean brands out there such as sustain, you can check them out here! Condoms aren’t 100% effective but still are another form of natural birth control that can be used along with NFP.

Natural Birth Control Can Be Easy

As you can see there are so many different ways to avoid hormonal birth control methods. It’s much easier now a days with so many great tools. If you are like me and love to do things naturally, these are some great tools you can use for birth control. The best way to figure out which method works for you, is to try them out. Of course with caution to make sure you are doing everything correctly. I know when I first started using the Lady Comp I waited at least two months until I felt truly comfortable with the device. Use whichever method you feel most comfortable with and go from there.

It’s also a great idea to talk to your husband about this transition so that they can also be on board and prepared. Having your spouses support is very important in such an intimate time. They can also offer suggestions as to what they would feel most comfortable with. A marriage takes two so when it comes to being intimate it’s important to discuss this with them!

Have you made the switch to natural birth control? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Thank you for sharing! This can be such a no-no subject that those of us who need to know don’t know who to talk to or whose advice to trust. I appreciate this!

  2. I am such an advocate of natural birth control because it gives women the opportunity to know what’s going on in their bodies on any given day. It feels very empowering! I have been using a natural family planning method for over 2 years and don’t think I’ll ever look back

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