All My Favorite Brands

Here you will find some of my favorite brands that I love and trust. This will make it easy for you so you don’t have to be overwhelmed trying to find the best products for you & your family. I have spent so much time finding new clean companies. It has been a slow process, but rewarding to finally be comfortable using the cleanest products that I can for my family and I. I hope you enjoy these companies as much as we do. Also pay close attention, you could get DISCOUNTS with some of your orders. I also make a small commission when you order so it is always greatly appreciated. We are working with all of our favorite brands and will continue to grow this page with more discounts for our viewers. keep checking back! We choose to stay away from the Amazon affiliate program and like to support businesses here in the US.

Force Of Nature

Force of Nature is the first ever EPA registered sanitizer and disinfectant. It’s safe on all surfaces, even as a hand sanitizer. We use force of nature in our home every single day. I love how cost effective the capsules are and how quickly I can make an all natural bleach replacement from home! You can use EMILYS40 for 40% off all bundles.

Toups & Co

Toups & Co is by far the highest quality natural skincare company out there! They source only the finest ingredients for their skincare, makeup, and body care. Every product from them is truly clean and works. My personal favorite is their liquid foundation, mineral makeup, and frankincense face balm to name a few. Use my code NATURALFAMILY10 for 10% off at checkout!


This is by far one of the best oral health companies. They sell many proiducts to help reverse cavities and gum disease. My personal favorite is the healthy mouth blend, it’s a staple in our house! They also have great resources on their site for you to learn how to take your oral health to the next level.


Therasage has many low EMF products you can look into, but the one we enjoy is their ozone bubbler. It helps sanitize your produce or you can make an anti-bacterial mouth wash making ozonated water. They also sell a portable essential oil diffuser that is super handy for car rides. You can use code NATURALFAMILY at checkout for 10% off your order.

Omega Juicers

We have tried other juicers and by far this is the best brand we have ever had. Great for celery juice, orange juice etc. We love the quality and integrity of this juicer as it has lasted us a long time! Shop Juicers now and see the difference in quality!

Disclaimer: We do earn a small commission from all sales on this page. We thank you so much for your support!