Non-toxic Guide to Household and Beauty Products

Get my 30 page, non-toxic product guide created for those who want the cleanest household and beauty products. My natural living Ebook is full of non-toxic brands who you can trust for all of your household and beauty items.

PLUS! I teach you all about ingredients and what to look for when you come across cleaner brands. I show you exactly which ingredients to stay away from AND why you would want to stay away from them.

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Guide to Non-toxic Products for Household and Beauty Products

Now is the time to take your family’s health and safety into your own hands. My Ebook will walk you through toxic ingredients found in mainstream home and beauty products. I share companies that are completely safe AND actually work. Never worry if the products you are using are dangerous again!

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Hi, I’m Emily!

Hi, I’m Emily! I used to be that gal who loved city life and wanted live in the city until, I met the man of my dreams. He had the opposite dream of living on a farm. Over the years of us being married, the Lord changed my heart’s desire and now I love living in the country while raising my children bare feet in the grass.

We have 30 beautiful acres of land for our goats to forage on and our hearts to be filled. I hope you’ll stick around as I talk about natural living, natural farming, and some faith filled encouragement. Sign up to get weekly updates and encouragement too!