What Is Ozone Therapy and How Does it Work

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When most people hear the word ozone, they instantly think of the ozone layer. But, ozone is a great tool many people can use while healing from a variety of diseases. Ozone therapy is a practice that uses ozone gas as a means of aiding in the healing process of diseases. There are many ways to use ozone during the healing journey to improve quality of life.

ozonated skincare

At Faithful Family Farmer we’ve been using our ozone machine for a variety of health problems for the past 10 years. This is why our products aren’t typical non-toxic formulas. Our formulas contain ozonated oil and have therapeutic effects to your skin. We believe you will see a dramatic difference in the performance of our products. Thanks to the wonderful tool of ozonated oil AKA activated oxygen. 

What Is Ozone?

Ozone by definition is a gas molecule composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). In short, ozone is a supercharged form of oxygen (O2) known as activated oxygen. We use our medical ozone generator machine and medical grade oxygen to infuse our oils. Many people in the natural health world are using ozone as a way to kill off viruses and bacteria associated with diseases. Ozone therapy is used to supply oxygen to the bloodstream. 

It also stimulates the immune system to respond to toxicity and infections that are already present in the body. There are so many incredible benefits of ozone therapy but we recommend using the therapeutic gas under the care of a trained practitioner. Ozone gas can be harmful when it is breathed in but when it is used properly during ozone treatment or in the form of oil, it has incredible benefits.

What is Ozonated Oil?

 Ozonated oil is one of the safest and most effective ways to get the benefits from ozone. Ozonated oils carry the same smell as the ozone gas but at a much safer level. All while providing therapeutic benefits topically. The use of ozone therapy has been shown to help aid joint pain, muscle pain, viral infections, bacterial infection, parasites, mold toxicity, oxidative stress, epstein-barr virus, chronic fatigue syndrome, and autoimmune disease.  Some use ozone for as a treatment of Lyme disease as well. Many lyme patients can benefit from this therapy with the help of a practitioner. My husband and his family found this to be an effective treatment while they were healing from lyme. 

ozonated skincare

How Does Ozone Work?

Ozone therapy works as a supercharged form of oxygen used for a variety of medical conditions. There are several treatment options within the United States and patients are seeing significant improvements. Most states (not all) have practitioners you can find that administer natural treatments like ozone. A quick google search should help you find one near you.  Ozone can be used as a topical oil, vaginal or rectal insulflation, intravenously, through the ear canal, full body bag and by cupping the skin.  Some will even utilize an ozone sauna or ozonated water.

These are all the most popular ways practitioners will administer ozone into the human body called ten-pass ozone therapy. It works by absorbing into the bloodstream and the body taking the third oxygen molecule (03) and creating lipo peroxides, oxidized fat molecules, that go on to stimulate the immune system and initiate ozone’s beneficial effects. Making it a successful treatment for most patient’s body.

Many people will say peroxides are bad for you, and to a certain extent they are. It all has to do with the dosage and how your body uses them. In the instance of using ozone therapy, it creates these peroxides that instigate an immune response quickly by working to clean up infections and toxicity in the body. By doing this you are also still getting higher oxygen levels in the body which we know is essential for overall health and well being. 

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Why Ozonated Oil In Our Products?

Ozonated oils have powerful effects on a variety of health concerns, specifically those related to the skin. Ozonated oIls are used topically for infected wounds, anti-aging, acne, warts, improving blood flow, reducing pain, stimulation of growth for skin cells, reducing inflammation, swelling & redness, and much more. 

Ozonated oil has amazing bacterialicidal, fungicidal, and virucidal properties. It act differently on the pathogenic microorganism without damaging the human epithelium. Ozone destroys microbes by acting on cell walls and semi-permeable membranes. 

Ozone can be infused into oil and then be used topically on the skin. This can be great for warts, cuts, wounds, acne, eczema, etc. There are a few oils that are shown to be better when infusing ozone in the oil. Olive oil is one oil that holds the most amount of ozonides. Making it a great option for chronic infections on the skin such as: fungal infections or bacterial infections. We also like to use Jojoba oil as a carrier of ozone because it’s great for sensitive areas such as facial skin. The amount of ozone in jojoba is slightly less but still effective for facial skin.

We like to use both herbal treatments & methods while incorporating ozonated oil into our products. Making it the first ever herbal infused and ozonated products. Not only is ozone great for infections but it is great for killing bad odors both in the air and on our body making it ideal for our ozonated deodorant

Ozone is an amazing tool to use during your healing journey. We are thankful to incorporate it into our non-toxic products. You can shop our products here and get 15% off with: BLOGFAM

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