How To Calm an Itchy Scalp And Grow Hair with Herbs

If you suffer from an inflamed scalp you know all to well how hard it can be to find a solution. Many shampoos, conditioners, and hair products cause more irritation and it’s difficult finding relief. Thankfully there are some great herbs and hair oil products out there to help an itchy inflamed scalp.

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Ever since I was a baby, I struggled with sensitive skin and skin conditions. I felt like there was no end in sight when it came to finding something that actually worked on my skin and scalp issues. Topical steroids and prescription shampoos were my go to for a long time until I learned about natural living and clean ingredients. I realized that steroids and shampoos from my doctor were actually not safe nor were they the answer to my issues. Finding the root cause to what’s causing the skin & scalp irritation is key. It is possible to heal from a childhood issue once you know the root cause to that issue. For me it was parasites, heavy metals, and mold. Detoxing my body from those things helped me to see an incredible improvement in my skin health! I noticed less hair loss and a decrease in dry skin, especially on my scalp.

Understanding Non-Toxic Ingredients

Thankfully there are things you can do to calm your scalp while healing. Whether it’s eczema or scalp psoriasis, it’s important to know, both can be calmed. Herbal remedies are a great and natural way to calm the skin, scalp, and body. When I was introduced to herbs 7 years ago I had no idea what was good for what. Now after becoming a CNHP, I have a good understanding of herbs and their medicinal uses. There are so many great herbs that can help calm scalp conditions and promote healthy hair growth naturally. The cool thing, there are no crazy side effects from using natural herbs. Not only herbs, but also finding the right essential oil blend for dry, irritated scalp is key. These natural remedies also have antibacterial properties to keep your scalp clean as well as promote new hair growth. 

Why Herbs and Essential Oils for Scalp Health & Hair Growth

Herbs and essential oils can be excellent for the scalp and hair growth. The cool thing is they are pretty affordable and have so many medicinal properties. So many hair care products on the market today cause more harm than good. It’s sad to say it, but companies can green wash their products and make them sound safe. When in all reality, the ingredients don’t reflect the safety of their marketing schemes. Not only the lack of good ingredients but most will strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils. The natural oils in your hair and scalp are vital for the health and integrity of your scalp. Even if you have oily hair, it’s important to know, a healthy amount of good oil is beneficial. Don’t be afraid to use a hair oil to balance your scalp. A lot of oils have antibacterial & antifungal properties making it balancing for oily hair. 

There are also herbs and essential oils that help promote blood flow to the hair follicle and stimulate hair regrowth. Both will also have anti-inflammatory properties to ensure a healthy scalp. 

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What Ingredients To Look For In A Scalp or Hair Oil 

When searching for the right scalp or hair growth oil, it’s important to always check the ingredient label. If you cannot read or understand the words on there, it may be a good sign to put it back. Transparency is everything, so if there isn’t an ingredient list or label you probably cannot trust it. Look for simple, wholesome, safe, and clean ingredients. 

Here is a list of things to look for when shopping;

  • Herbal extracts
  • Herbal Infusions (such as rosemary oil)
  • Essential oils (not fragrance oils or natural fragrance oils) (tea tree oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil are all great)
  • Organic Carrier oil (olive oil, avocado oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, aragon oil, coconut oil)
  • Vitamin E

Where To Find A Good Scalp & Hair Serum?

At Faithful Family Farmer, we designed our very own herbal infused scalp & hair oil. We were tired of searching for a hair oil that would truly soothe a dry and itchy scalp. From time to time, our scalp gets really dry and we need all of the relief we can get. We designed our herbal infused hair oil for those who have extremely sensitive & dry flaky scalps. No harmful ingredients, no synthetic fragrances, just herbal infused oils and essential oils. Fight fungal infections, seborrheic dermatitis, and scalp infections. 

Our herbal infused hair oil contains ingredients that not only calm the scalp but promote hair growth. The key ingredient for hair growth is rosemary oil and organic castor oil. Both have been proven to stimulate blood circulation and help promote hair growth. They’re also incredibly nourishing and great for hair health, not just scalp health. If you struggle with dry hair or dry scalp, our herbal infused hair oil can add the moisture you need. 

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For those with an itchy scalp we have chosen to infuse the herbs chickweed & plantain. Both herbs are shown to stop itching and soothe irritated skin. Both are also considered an anti-inflammatory herb with antimicrobial properties. They provide the essential vitamins necessary for skin recovery and the best part? It’s all natural ingredients, nothing harmful ever. We love to pair our herbal infused hair oil with our scalp massager to promote circulation and rid the scalp of dead skin cells. This ensures a subtle exfoliating experience so you notice you’ll see less flakes throughout your hair. A scalp massager can also stimulate blood flow to the area promoting hair growth injunction with the castor oil and rosemary oil. 

What Are Our Ingredients?

Our herbal infused hair oil contains: Organic rosemary infused olive oil, Organic chickweed & plantain infused olive oil, organic castor oil, organic jojoba oil, organic aragon oil, & essential oils (tea tree & lavender) 

How To Apply Hair Oil? 

For best results we recommend applying the hair oil at least an hour before your hair care routine and before taking a bath. Apply several drops to irritated area on the scalp and massage in. For dry hair, apply 7-10 drops (or more if desired) in the palm of your hand and rub through hair strands. (Always do a patch test to make sure you are not allergic). Wash hair with shampoo and style as desired. 

How Long Should I let Hair Oil Stay in My Hair?

We recommend at least 30 minutes. 4 hours is recommended for those with inflammation of the scalp or those needing hair thickness. Sleeping with your hair oil in can also have great benefits if you’re trying to grow your hair. Simple apply hair oil to your scalp and hair, wrap in a silk cloth or cotton towel before bedtime. Wash hair with preferred shampoo upon waking. 

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Clean, simple, and effective. Only the best and safest ingredients, not only in our hair oil but in every single one of our products. We truly care what goes into our products at Faithful Family Farmer.  All faithfully farm-ulated from our small farm and family to yours! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever heard of herbal infused hair oil before? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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