The Best Natural Deodorant For Sensitive Skin (That Works!)

If you are someone who struggles with sensitive skin you might know that it’s difficult finding the right products. Most deodorants contain ingredients that are less than ideal and cause allergic reactions. In today’s post we’ll go over what makes a deodorant safe for sensitive skin and where you can find the best one for you!  

Ozonated Deodorant

Ever since I was a child, I struggled with skin issues such as eczema. It was something that was treated with topical steroids so I never really knew how severe it was. That was until I realized later in my 20’s that topical steroids were not good for our health and can actually cause long term effects to our bodies. I was in college and got sick with ulcerative colitis, it was such a difficult time in my life. I share my full story here and how I was able to heal from that naturally. It was during that time I met my husband and he told me all about natural health. I learned about a good clean diet, how to stay away from toxins, and how to truly detox so that I could heal. 

One of the things I did not realize however was that topical steroid withdrawal was a real thing. I stopped using steroids on my skin and my skin went CRAZY! Full body rashes, extreme adrenal fatigue, it was absolutely horrible and a time I will never forget. But praise the Lord, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. By the grace of God I was able to heal from that and while my skin isn’t 100% perfect it’s much better. All of that to say, I get it. Sensitive skin is not always easy especially when looking for products you need everyday like deodorant. Finding a deodorant with natural ingredients that will nourish your skin is key. 

Why Natural Deodorant

Regular deodorant in stores are full of toxic ingredients like aluminum, synthetic fragrances, heavy metals, and so much more. All of which alter the skins natural ph. Those ingredients are less than ideal for everyone but especially those who have sensitive skin. Most will say it’s a deodorant allergy when in reality, it’s just an overload of toxins that are not meant to be applied to our skin. Underarm skin is one of the most sensitive areas on our body so putting deodorant with safe ingredients will prevent any irritation or skin reaction. The underarm area is also a main collection of the lymphatic system for the breast making it another important area of concern. 

When applying deodorant that contains toxic ingredients, it gets absorbed directly into our lymphatic system and blood stream. There are so many studies out there that show the correlation between aluminum and breast cancer. Not only aluminum but syntheric fragrances pose a huge threat to the immune system because they are endocrine and hormone disruptors. Many with sensitive skin will find they cannot tolerate store bought deodorant because of skin irritation. For me, personally, I do not tolerate conventional deodorants filled with harmful ingredients and common irritants. Thankfully there are some great natural options out there! 

Ingredients To Stay Away From When Shopping For Deodorant 

Here is a complete list of the ingredients to be watchful for when shopping for a deodorant:

  • Aluminum (aluminum-based salts)- use of aluminum can increase risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s
  • BHT- may cause damage to liver, kidneys, and lungs
  • Triclosan- the FDA banned this ingredient in soaps but it’s stilled allowed in “other” products. It is classified as a pesticide 
  • Propylene Glycol – by product of fossil fuel & probable carcinogen 
  • Fragrance- can cause breast cancer, developmental issues, and can come from anything since it is considered a trade secret. 
  • Talc- can cause cancer
  • Parabens – can lead to early puberty and may increase breast cancer risks. 
  • Phthalates- known to cause cancer

As you can see the ingredient list above does not contain the most ideal ingredients. Especially for everyday use. Sadly thousands of Americans are putting these chemicals on their delicate skin not even knowing the risk. It’s not only individuals who have sensitive skin that need to watch out for harmful ingredients but everyone. After reading that list, it may be a good idea to consider making the switch to safer products. 

non-toxic deodorant

What To Look For When Shopping For a Natural Deodorant

When shopping for a natural deodorant it’s best to look for natural ingredients. Ingredients that are unaltered and are in there natural form. Natural deodorants will be a gentle deodorant and suitable for those with skin sensitivity. Most people think just because it’s natural the deodorant will not have odor protection and won’t last. I’m here to tell you that is not true. We formulated an ozonated deodorant that lasts all day long, and keeps you feeling fresh. Faithful Family Farmer’s deodorant is truly the only natural deodorant I have used to stop the stink and not cause a reaction. It even keeps the smell away, all day long. No exaggeration either!

When looking for a natural deodorant look for things like arrowroot powder and aluminum free baking soda. Those two are gentle ingredients that will keep the unpleasant smells away since they are natural deodorizers. If the deodorant you are looking at contains natural fragrances you may still want to be careful as those aren’t always safe. Look for deodorant scented with pure essential oils such as, tea tree oil, lavender essential oil, and lemongrass. Those are all great for bacteria and can be anti-bacterial.

Coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin e, castor oil, and olive oil are all safe ingredients when looking for the perfect deodorant. These will all give a gentle formula for a truly hypoallergenic deodorant. Natural products aren’t always easy to understand and we at Faithful Family Farmer completely understand that. That’s why our deodorant takes away the guess work when reading ingredients. There’s nothing to hide on our ingredients list, just clean, long-lasting protection that will keep you smelling great all day long. 

ozonated skincare

Ozonated Deodorant

After searching for a natural deodorant for the past 7 years, we decided to formulate our own. I’ve always struggled with severely sensitive skin and most natural deodorant made me sweat even more. I put the frustration aside and my husband and I formulated a deodorant with ozone. Ozone is a form of oxygen (O2) known as O3. It’s a concentrated form of oxygen, so when applied to an area it gives ample amount of oxygen helping to fight odor-causing bacteria. Ozone has been known to kill pathogens, bacteria, fungus, and viruses. Many will use it to treat Lyme disease, cancer, mold illness, and much more. It truly is the star ingredient of our deodorant. 

Aside from ozone, we chose to add: Organic olive oil, shea butter, organic castor oil, organic coconut oil and essential oils. We have a lavender vanilla scented with lavender and vanilla essential oils and a birch & cypress scented with just birch and cypress essential oils. There is also an unscented option for this sensitive to essential oils, this is a great choice for those with extremely sensitive skin. We also formulated deodorant without baking soda for those who are sensitive to baking soda! You can use discount code BLOGFAM for 15% off your order!

nontoxic deodorant

How To Use Ozonated Deodorant

When using any ozonated products, it’s best to keep in mind that less is more. All it takes is one-two swipes of deodorant because a little goes a long way. If you think of it, your deodorant is a great investment as well because it will last a long time since you’re only using a minimal amount. Ours also goes on very smoothly so you don’t have to worry about it irritating your skin while rubbing it on. We do recommend patch testing with any new product you use, just to be safe. 

Keep in mind, if you are switching over from traditional deodorant, you may experience a detox period. Give your body time to adjust to the natural products, it has been bombarded with toxins up until this point. We find it takes 1-2 weeks for your armpits to fully detox the toxins that are stored in that area. It can take longer depending on the person. As you use our ozonated deodorant you will notice the bacteria growth will decrease and you will begin to smell less body odor. Which is another good reason to switch, who doesn’t want to smell better? We’ve been getting some rave reviews from this deodorant as well, you can check them out on our store here. 

Whether you are interested in ozonated deodorant are not, I encourage you to make the switch to safer products!

Do you currently use natural deodorant? Have you ever tried ozonated products before and seen them work in your life? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 


  1. I started reading your experience with eczema and sensitive skin, and I had to stop for a minute because I thought I was reading MY story. I’m excited to check out your deodorant!!

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